Scanning Magazine Articles

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  • Since most magazine articles are copyrighted, is it necessary to obtain permission to scan it and submit it with an assignment? Thanks
  • Depends. You'll probably want to look at fair use, which basically looks at:

    1) The nature of the copied work (fact based, creative, etc.) Use of a noncreative, factual work is more likely to be fair than use of a creative work.
    2) The amount of work you copy. Copying part of a work is more likely to be fair than use of a whole work.
    3) The purpose of your copying, in this case educational, which is more likely to be fair than commercial.
    4) The potential effect on the market

    You basically look at the totality of these areas (ie, you don't have to meet all of them for a use to be fair). For assignments- assuming you're talking about a regular educational assignment that's only going to be looked at by an instructor or by a class face to face, there's a very good chance that your use is a fair use. If your use is a fair use, you don't need to obtain permission from the copyright holder.

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