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    I'm on the board of a professional society.  We would like to post the talks and poster presentations given at the last meeting of the society on our website.  Some of this material might include figures from publications.  Do our authors need to get permissions from the original source of the figures before we post?  Would it matter if the posting was for "viewing" vs. "download", and would it matter if the material was only available to the society members vs. nonmembers?

    Thank you.

    Eileen Kowler


  • Hello Elaine:

    First, I would make sure that the figures you mention wanting to use are protected by copyright. They probably are but they could be in the public domain or without enough creativity to be eligible for copyright protection. 

    If they are protected, one might consider the use to be fair because the figures are being used in a transformative way, there is no market impact etc.

    I would tend to restrict access to society members. This would make a big difference in limiting access and risk.

    Also you should provide a full citation for each figure.

    You might look to the Creative Commons or other sites to locate figures that would meet your needs but have fewer copyright restrictions. 

    Hope this helps.

    Carrie Russell

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