Facebook Photo Fair Use Guidelines

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  • I made a Facebook SATIRE meme, using a publically known person's HEAD, and their dog.
    The HEAD and DOG pictures, of the other guy, had been posted by HIM, on HIS Facebook page.
    He is a PUBLIC college professor, journalist, meditation teacher, political commentator, etc.
    He SEEKS publicity and followers for his page, AND his lectures, writings, and classes.
    I just copied the HEAD and DOG pictures, and pasted and blended them into my meme.
    I blended HIS head onto another body. I want to post the satirical meme on HIS
    Facebook page, ONLY as a response to one of his political views. LEGALLY, is it OK
    to do this? Thank You
  • Hello. I don't have the legal expertise to respond to this question fully. There are state laws that protect pseudo intellectual property [sic] rights like the right of publicity.  If it was just a copyright question, my assumption would be that this is a fair use exemplar - criticism and satire.

    Good luck!



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