Someone is re-printing my grandfather's very old book for sale on Amazon?

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  • I had an alert to find any of my Grandfather's old copies of the book "How Good is Your Taste?" on Amazon. Sanford E Gerard.  He passed away in 1950. Everything was left to my Grandmother and when she passed in 1976 to my Mother (an only child) who passed away in 2013.


    I find it odd that someone is re-printing a book digitally that they didn't write and making money from. I can't imagine they would do this except that they found out someone was "looking" for it and are trying to entice me to buy it. 

    But still - is this legal and the copyright for the book dead due to age?

    Seems shady as a business model - but maybe I'm only offended because it's my Mother's Father. 

    Thank you for your time. 


    Sarah McArthur

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