Two agencies sold my image, licencee pays licence twice, or splits the price

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  • Hi, my question is international, regardless of your Country. I am referring to those  images which us Contributors have seen published in major outlets, with our credit attribution, followed by 2 agency names, our own, and another one with whom our agency has shared, legally, our images. Does the licencee pays the licence twice, or do they split the public (usually it's public) price between the two? an article would be great, but if you are in the know that's fine. thanks

  •  In general, when two agencies share the licensing of an image, the licensee typically pays only one license fee for the use of the image, which is then split between the two agencies according to the terms of their agreement.


    This type of arrangement is common in the stock photography industry, where multiple agencies may represent the same image. The licensee pays a single fee for the use of the image, which is then divided between the agencies based on their respective shares of the licensing rights.


    If you need more specific information about a particular licensing agreement or situation, it is recommended to consult the terms of the agreement or contact the relevant parties directly.

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