Print quote of song lyrics on t-shirt

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  • Any help with alerting me to the possible copyright issues of taking a max of 4 lines out an entire song and printing on a t-shirt. This would be a business which would want the ablity to print any lyrcis based on customer demand. Willing to pay fees but I don't know where to start. Also with so many differnt lyrics if I need to pay for each song it might take a full time layer to track down all the owners...

    Any Help I would be grateful.

  • I'd be wary, sadly. Licensing will be difficult. AFAIK, unlike songs themselves, there is no central body that licenses lyrics and there isn't an easy way to track them down. The copyright issues come in because you're distributing lines of a song. You'd need to make a fair use argument , and your use may or may not be fair, but you'd still run the risk of being sued.
  • Same problem exisits with tracking down the owners but I guess I could go after the entire song. Thanks for the feedback.

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