Please help!!!!.....Can I resale DVDs purchased from...

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  • Please help!!!!.....Can I resale DVDs purchased from Philipines?
    My source is from Ebay, and DVD's described as New but viewd once or twice, the cover art is also very good.

    I already received a lot from them, DVD's look and play good , ... region 1, ,,, nothing weird or anything,,... Since I got a good deal on them on wholesale ..I was thinking of resaling them at my local swapmeet,...I already have a sale permit , but I just dont know if I can do this because of the risk of being bootleg copies...

    Can some one help me out whit any advise?????
    I will really appreciate your comments.

    Thank You in advance!!
    George Lopez
  • If the DVDs are unlawfully made, then you should not resale.

    If you believe that the DVDs are legit, then you can sell them as a matter of first sale.
  • Thank you!
    I appreciate your reply.

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