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  • One problem with a company selling firearms and one which is truly hard to believe.

    This company has no contact information anywhere on their web site, yet copyright material was taken elsewhere and posted in their forums illegally against and without copyright holders given consent.

    To make complaint about this as the copyright holder I am asked by the firearms web site to subscribe and join the actual forum. (Hello forum owner you’re a firearms web site selling guns and weapons globally I don't want any association with you or guns in any way what so ever, not in the least).

    Do they not realise the legal complexities and truly dangerous position they have placed them self in by making this ridiculous totally illegal and outrageous request.

    This site is also effecting it’s own online popularity by fraudulent means and this is absolutely against the law in itself alone.

    The question has to be asked is the forum owner capable of selling firearms when he leaves no room for complaint or legal protection against illegal use of copyright material and forces people with no interest in forearms to join his forum to make simple complaint?

    I’ve sent this off to ICANN and the FBI online White collar crime division, I’ll let you know the outcome.

    The domain and host managers alike have ignored this totally failing to reply.
  • If it's a US company, their Internet Service Provider should have a registered DMCA contact. The copyright holder or an authorized representative can contact this person to get the material removed. The copyright holder can also sue the infringers as well as the ISP if the ISP does not comply with the notice and takedown.

    The FBI usually gets involved if the infringement is criminal (as opposed to civil) in nature.

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