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  • I recently had to read the "Copyright Basics" section of the Library of Congress Copyright web page. (

    I am puzzled by a section called “Copyright and National Origin of the Work.” My question is this, what if there is work created in a non-treaty country outside of the United States? It is protected by the laws of the nation of origin, but it is not a treaty country with the U.S. Can a U.S. citizen locate this material and steal it for their own use?

    Does anyone know of any non-treaty countries? Thanks!
  • U. S. Copyright Circular 38a lists all of the foreign countries that the U.S. has copyright arrangements with through international treaties.

    This circular also discusses works copyrighted when there is no treaty.
    " Even if the work cannot be brought under an international convention, protection under the specific provisions of the country's national laws may still be possible. "

    There is more in the circular.
  • Thanks for your help! :)

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