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  • An artist is creating a large mobile of opened books for our new library. He is planning to make very large copies of actual book covers to place on the book. He says he has done this before and does not believe there is a copyright problem. Could that be true?
  • If this mobile is to be used in the library to promote books that the library owns, I do not see a problem. Carrie Russell addressed this in one of her columns in School Library Journal (1/1/02).

    If the artist intends to use the artwork anywhere else, there may be a problem. One artist received a cease and desist from Harlequin after using old book covers for artwork, but I don't believe a suit was ever actually filed and the artist continued to display the artwork (search natalka husar and harlequin). This issue is separate from display in the library, so I believe you are perfectly okay.
  • I agree with williamsonl. I think the library should clarify in the contract with the artist that the mobile will only be displayed in the library, that the library holds the copyright to the mobile. This will take care of thepossiblity that the obile would be displayed elsewhere.


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