Similar board for special libraries?

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  • Is anyone aware of a similar board for special libraries and their copyright issues? I could always post here too - any special librarians here?
  • I'm not aware of a similar board for special libraries, but special libraries and their copyright concerns are well within the scope of this board.

    Many of the questions posted here tend to come from academic, public, and school librarians, but speaking for myself -- an academic librarian at an accredited, nonprofit public university -- I welcome the opportunity to consider familiar copyright questions (and quite a few unfamiliar ones as well!) from a slightly different angle. This can only enrich the discussions we have on this board, as I see it, especially when it comes to fair use questions, where the consideration of the first factor, the purpose of the use of copyrighted material, will necessarily differ for special librarians than it will for other types of librarians. The same goes for the questions we receive on this board from people who don't work in libraries at all.

    However, if someone out there DOES know of a discussion board for special librarians and their copyright questions, please don't let the foregoing stop you from sharing it with us!

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