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  • I have had requests from other libraries to ILL full issues of journals and magazines. To my understanding this is breaking copyright law (section 108d) regardless of whether or not the patron copies one article, and simply looks through the rest or copies the whole journal. Does anyone else think differently? How do you justify it with section 108d?

  • If the library is sending the original copy of the journal, then copyright law is not really involved--it only applies if they are sending copies, which is cover under 108d--"where the user makes his or her request or from that of another library or archives, of no more than one article or other contribution to a copyrighted collection or periodical issue". This part of 108d would prevent sending copies of an entire issue.

    But more to the point, our library would not send a journal issue out on ILL and I would be surprised of any that do. This isn't copyright law, but more a preservation issue. And I can see where a request for more than one issue could be considered as a substitute for a subscription.
  • Very few libraries would send the original journal.

    I can see a couple reasons - color images or tables might be needed, but the only reason that I would make such a request would be for mending purposes. And only after trying to get replacement pages first.

    (Of course, I'm picky when it comes to replacement pages. Making copies from microfilm for an original journal doesn't cut it for me. Sorry! Just one of my pet peeves.)

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