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  • My Library has recorded many hours of news programming (Presidential debates, 9/11 news reports, etc.). Is it possible to catalog these and include them in our collection? Or does that violate copyright?
  • Yes, see Section 108 (f)(3). The library has to meet the requirements of 108(a)(1),(2), and (3) [reproduction and distribution is made without any purpose of direct or indirect commercial advantage; collections of library open to the public or to researchers in a specialized field; and reproduction contains a copyright notice].

    You can LEND a limited number of copies to scholars and researchers. The House Report indicates that this section is intended to pertain to daily newscast-type broadcasts as opposed to documentaries or magazine-format programming; also that it is preferable that the library make the copy as opposed to receiving it from a patron.

  • Question on copyright in relation to public comments or forum opinions


    I am working on a project where the comments made by guests and the audience at a debate are used as the focus of a response to those comments. To create a 'conversation' of sorts with me, and by extension with others who may wish to create additional commentary. Fair use seems to suggest that if it is commentary or criticism of the comments that this would be a legitimate use. It could also be argued that it is educational, an opportunity to teach others, an aspect of research, and an instance of news reporting. 


    I would appreciate any experience as to such an end, or other sources to find the information necessary to be comfortable with moving forward with the concept.

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