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  • Hello,

    Cutting to the proverbial chase, I'm toying with the idea of opening a website/blog with links to jobs in a particular field and industry, one in which my educational and professional career have been based. Yes, I'd like to charge a small fee for accessing and summarizing this information verbatim, as it is presently disparate and scattered throughout the vast realms of cyberspace. The job links themselves will be updated daily; likewise a blog highlighting the requisite job field and industry. My question is obvious: might there be any legal issues barring my charging job-seekers to access said information? Any insight or criticism will be most welcomed.

    Thanks so much.
  • If you copy other people's writing, even a job description, then you very well might be violating their copyright. If you are just providing links to job descriptions on other pages, then this does not violate copyright law. Could you summarize the jobs in your own words instead of copying verbatim? Or just use a snippet of the description with the link? You might also consider contacting the employer who posted the original job description(s) and asking whether you could post the jobs on your site. It seems to me that most employers would like to get their jobs advertised as widely as possible.

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