Copy pictures with permission, I enhance them, are they mine

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  • I have copied pictures from a friends collection. He gave me permission to copy, edit and then post them on my web site. I did heavy modification of these pictures. When I display these pictures on my web site can I put my copyright on these pictures? ¬©my name

    On the site I thank the person for letting me copy the pictures for posting on my web site.

    Thanks for advice....
  • barrynj,

    I'm not sure there's a definitive answer to your question -- as a lot of lawyers would say, "it depends." One of the exclusive rights of copyright is the right to make derivative works. If your friend gave you permission to create and distribute derivative works of his photos, it does not necessarily (it seems to me) give you the copyright in those works.

    More information can be found in this article (scroll down for the derivative works discussion):

    If you're afraid of someone copying the photos, you could put a different type of warning on your website, such as: "These photos are protected by copyright," and/or "Do not use without permission."

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the information. I was thinking of adding something to the pictures like a watermark. Could I use 'Do not use without premission' in a small font that is faded into the picture.

    Thanks again
  • Well depends on your friend if he minds cuz they are originally his pictures I would assume with his consent if he feels it's not a problem them i wouldn't be worried about it.
  • for the picture watermark i would just put these pictures are the property of "your website name" and cannot be used for profitable reason and can only be used for personal reason. Something of the sort.

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