Webcam broadcast copyright question

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  • Hello,
    I've recently ended a long distance relationship with a man who became very angry at my decision. This is an embarressing subject, but as a part of our long distance relationship the webcam broadcasts played a major role, and some were explicit. He has recently threatened to post these broadcasts to websites as a means of revenge. I honestly don't know if he will or not, of if he did actually record them, but if he has, are they protected under copyright law and can I stop him from doing so or have them removed once he has posted them?

    Thank you for your help, I really really do appreciate any information you may have to offer.
  • That's a complicated issue. Since it's presumably a recording of your broadcast, you may have copyright in that broadcast- bit if you weren't the one who initially "fixed" the work, things can get dicey. If they have been posted to websites, you could probably use a DMCA cease and desist to get those websites to remove them- provided the websites are under US jurisdiction. Obviously, not all websites are, and you also may have issues with peer to peer networks.

    You can look at examples here:

    I'd recommend consulting an attorney. There may be harrassment or other legal issues involved.

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