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  • Hello.

    I would like to put some remixes I've made from songs of a popular artist on my website. What are the legalities of remixes? Since I never got permission from the artist, does that mean I can't put it on a website?
  • Unfortunately this is really an area that is controversial at the moment. The answer depends on who you ask--the law as it stands now does not allow remixing without permission. There is however, a large movement to change the law, but even then there is a fee involved. Lawrence Lessig explains it well in a blog posting at
    Creative Commons recently sponsored a contest where remixes where posted online to protest the unfairness of the record companies' position and the court ruling. Read the article at,1412,65037,00.html for more information and some other sources on remixing. The Grey Album by DJ Danger Mouse is a great example of the controvery surrounding remixing.

    My un-legal opinion is that remixes should fall under fair use, but I also believe you are taking a chance in posting a remix on your website. I would you read the above article, look at the Creative Commons, Free Culture and Banned Music websites and make a decision you feel comfortable with.

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