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  • Hello

    I have a few questions about image copyright on the internet.

    1. If a image has no visible copyright symbol or logo is still protected by copyright? to what extent?

    2. If the Image has no marks may i add my own mark for example and place it on my website??

    2. If image contains copry right symbol or a site logo can it be remarked with symbol has long as the original logo & copyright remains.??
  • I'm not a lawyer, but this case seems pretty clear cut. Assuming the original image was created in the last 30 years, you should assume it is copyrighted unless there is affirmative evidence to the contrary. Current US Copyright Law (title 17 of the United States Code) does not require the creator of the image to mark the image with a copyright symbol or statement. You need to get permission to use the images, even if you retain the copyright holder's symbol. Attribution to the original creator will innoculate you from plagiarism, but not violation of another creator's copyright.

    The current copyright law can be found at
  • I agree with GClement. Unless specifically stated to the contrary, an image would very likely be covered by copyright--no symbol is required.
    You cannot copy the image over to your website and claim copyright even if it were in the public domain--you did not create it and it cannot be 'removed' from public domain just by you claiming it.
    And no, you cannot claim your own copyright symbol on top of someone else's--they have copyright, not you.

    You can always ask permission to use the symbol and credit the creator.

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