Public domain texts marketed to schools and libraries

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  • Here is an interesting blog entry and discussion on marketing public domain texts (I hope all these links work!):
    The original Teleread entry (mislinked in the blog entry) is at
    and a list of eBook "classics" available for purchase at

    I don't particularly see the problem in offering these for sale. They are in the public domain, so if anyone doesn't want to be bothered with downloading and burning to CD, or who likes the eBook format, etc., there is no reason no to pay for it. I would pay for a print copy, because I value hardcopy, good formating and readable fonts, (and not paying for cartidge after cartridge of printer ink), even if I could download the Gutenberg version and print it on my own printer.

    Here is an additional article on the related subject of marketing of Open Access code:

    Now, whether this is a wise use of library/school funds is an entirely different discussion!
  • also mentions this on the August 6th entry.

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