Disney Birthday Banner

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  • I would like to print a banner 3ft x 5ft. example below

    [disney character] Gilberts Birthday [Disney character]

    I'm trying to convince a printing store that its not a violation because its only being used one time and its personalized because of the name on it.

    Is this a copyright violation, the banner will only be posted outside for people to notice their at the right house.
  • Disney is notorious for agressively pursuing copyright on its products. There are many stories about Disney coming into a school with paint cans and painting over Disney characters on the wall, suing people for showing a Disney movie at a private children's birthday party and trolling the Internet for violators.
    The name on the banner doesn't matter--you are still using copyrighted materials to make your 'new' work. The point of view is not who are you hurting by doing this one time, but what would happen if everybody did this?
    I would take the same view if I was the copy shop--they are copying protected material for a profit. For the copy shop the nature of the work is creative, the use is for profit, the whole amount is used and it will effect the market--they lose on all four factors of fair use.
  • I agree with LWilliamson about the Disney characters. You would be smart to use a generic birthday cake and balloons banner instead.

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