iTunes workstation for library iPods

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  • I'm interested in starting a new service at the small public library where I work. However, I'm unsure of the legal ramifications that could come from this new service in relation to copyright law and DRM.

    I'm specifically interested in setting up an iTunes workstation at our library, placing the library collection of audiobooks and possibly music on it, then allow users to check out an ipod and place their choice of library materials from the workstation onto their ipod.

    The other option is only to purchase iTunes downloaded audiobooks, then allow patrons to add them to the ipods they check out.

    iTunes licensing allows for multiple ipod users to access one workstation under the DRM, and the library would own all ipods connecting to the workstation as well as the CD version of each audiobook/music CD. However I'm worried about the dual use of a copy on the shelf and a copy on the workstation, or multiple copies used from the workstation sumiltaneously. Do you have any advice?

  • Basically, you can only circulate the number of copies that you own. If you only bought one copy, then only one copy can be in circulation. I think you would be okay making a non-circulating cd copy for preservation purposes, but you could not circulate both if you only bought one. I think the way some libraries are handling people using their own ipods is, that to 'turn in' the book, you must bring the ipod to the library and let them delete the file from your ipod and then it is taken off your record as checked out.

    ITunes will be governed by their license agreement on what you can do.

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