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  • Do purchased mailing lists or labels for workshops and conferences fall under the copyright law? If so please explain
  • I'm not sure what you mean. Are you referring to the database of individual's names/addresses included in the mailing list, or are you referring to the graphic design of custom mailing labels?

    If the former, I think I'd be more concerned with privacy issues than copyright, since factual information like names and addresses can't be copyrighted. However, their use and distribution can (and should) be protected, so I wouldn't use a mailing list without express authorization to do so.

    If the latter, then yes, graphic design elements are copyrightable, but there has to be a sufficient degree of originality to the design. If the names and addresses are just printed out like any other mailing label, then it's unlikely they'd qualify. But if there are logos, illustrations, or other unique artistic elements included on the label then you could have trademark as well as copyright issues to consider when reproducing them.

    Hope this helps. If not, perhaps you could describe a specific example of the type of mailing list or label you're asking about and tell us how exactly you intend to use them.

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