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  • I would like to get permission to use owner-submitted photos on a popular vacation rental web site, ultimately to re-distribute and promote their vacation property and additional information for commercial use (but of no cost to the vacation owner). I am planning on seeking permission from the individual owners to use their photos for this purpose.

    Q: I am planning on having them fill out an online survey about their property and giving them space to "type" that they are giving me permission to redistribute their photos for promoting their property and for commercial use. Is electronic permission enough? Or do I need to send a permission letter through the mail?

    Q2: Will I need to get permission from the vacation rental web site owner also, to use the owner-submitted photos?

  • In answer to your first question, electronic permission is fine--just be sure to keep a record of each permission.

    I'm not really clear on the situation in question 2. When you say owner-submitted, do you mean of the property or the picture? What web site?
  • Responding to your Q2, you do not need to get permission from the web site which is currently displaying the owner's photos as long as the property owner did not transfer any rights to his or her photos to that web site. It would be helpful to know the details of whatever agreement is in place between the property owner and the web site so you could assess whether any rights were transferred and who is the proper rights holder for the photographs you are seeking to display.

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