Copyright research?

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  • Currently I'm working on a paper attempting to look at the state of copyright-related research, in general and then specifically as it applies to higher education and libraries. Most of the empirical research I've seen deals with P2P, piracy, and related subjects.

    My questions for anyone who would like to answer are: what sources do you look at to find out about how copyright affects libraries, higher ed, schools, and so on?

    Do you recommend any journal(s) in particular?

  • One source that I like to use is the journal, Against the Grain. It has a copyright question and answer column by Laura Gasaway and "Cases of Note" that can be rather funny. Against the Grain is probably not what someone would think of initially, but it can be very helpful.


    Liz D.
  • I use the ALA Washington Office website and newsletter. I also subscribe to a listserv from UMUC that contains links to all the latest articles on copyright--this is a great source.

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