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  • I work in a large public library, with a substantial collection of recorded music in our reference collections. Currently, we have a listening/viewing center, where the patron must use this facility in order to listen to our collection. We have been considering ways of making this collection available to our patrons in every branch.

    Is there a way we can create a digital copy of many of these recordings that would reside on a server. The patron can then access these recordings by selecting the title and the music will be streamed (not available for download).

    Is this possible? or are we violating every law on the books?
  • Ack, I see noone ever responded to this question.
    I think there are some definite risks here. You really can't use library exemptions for this type of activity. Digital copies can only be made for very specific reasons, and access isn't one of them. Additionally, those digital copies are pretty heavily resticted- they can't be available outside the physical institution. You'd have to make fair use arguments, I believe.

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