Writing lyrics to copyrighted music for teaching, & during a workshop

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  • This is from a school media specialist in my state:

    "I have a quick question for one of my colleagues.
    He likes to sing and play to enhance his teaching. He uses the tunes of songs that are popular with the kids and makes up lyrics that go along with lessons that he teaches. He has been asked to do a workshop explaining what he does. He will not sell anything. He is just using the idea to share with colleagues. Is he breaking any copyright laws doing this and will he be if he shares what he does with other teachers?"

    I think this becomes a problem with the workshop.

    Sally Hawkes, Arkansas State Library
  • We can't give you specific legal advice about a particular situation.

    In my opinion, I think that he's got a decent fair use argument. He's doing it for educational, non commercial purposes and he's not competing with existing products. If he's got counsel at his school or organization, I'd run the concept by them for a hopefully quick response.

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