Permission to publish statement when library holds copyright

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  • Hello! I'm interested to know if libraries who hold the copyright to archival collections use a specifically worded statement when granting permission to publish their material. Such as a statement like this for a print publication:

    Granted: one-time, non-exculsive; English language; Worldwide distribution; 500 copies

    Is there a best practice standard to word/devise such a statement or is it up to the library to devise its own statement? Or is there a recommended resource/publication that provides examples and best practices?

    And if the library is providing an image in the public domain or an image with a 3rd party copyright holder would you use the same type of statement, even though the library may not be able to grant nor deny permission to publish? Or would you use a different statement? And if so, what type of statement? In this instance, could "intended use" be substituted for "granted?"

  • I'm not aware of a standard. I've seen quite a bit of variation, both for copyright protected and public domain works. I would tend to use a different statement for public domain works, just to make sure everything is clear.
  • Thank you for your input!

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