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  • hi, I have a simple question:

    may I sell public domain ebooks on a cd-rom or as a download if the exact same cd-rom is sold by someone else but do not have any indication (like deprivative work, website url) on it?

    If they do have a website url inside the ebooks but the ebooks themselves are in ebook, I am not violation any U.S.A. copyright law right?
  • can someone please answer this important question.
  • no one seems to know anything!!!!!
  • Unfortunately, the subject might not be that simple. If you are planning on embarking on a commercial venture involving copying existing works, you probably should consult a lawyer who is familiar with the subject and who is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

    Generally speaking, public domain works can be used for any purpose by anyone. There are, however, arguments that the creator of a compilation of public domain works could use to cut down on competition. Here are just a few. One, the selection and arrangement of works may be protected by copyright, two, the work might have some sort of technological protection measure on it, three, there could be information not in the public domain that is placed with the public domain works that might be protected by copyright. I'm not saying those are valid arguments, but they are arguments that could be made. Ultimately, you will need to measure your risk before beginning such a project.

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