Couple of questions

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  • Hello,

    I have a few questions about copyright infringement. Lets say that my school has a bunch of old vhs tapes that are old and I would like to put them on dvd. Can I obtain them through piracy sites legally or is it still illegal? Also, my school books are falling apart and I would like to put them through a scanner and put them on cd so we don't have to worry about lugging around big books or to keep them in one piece when traveling. Is that legal? I would like to start backing up my dvd's and music for personal use is that illegal? Is material that I post on a forum, ex a guide on how to keep your computer clean, owned by me or can anyone take it without citing me? Does this go the same for essays and other documents that I write. I heard from one of my teachers that a picture that I take with my camera I get the copyright rights for it, is this true? I really apreciate any answers I can get :)


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