Screen Dumps in conference presentation

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  • I wanted to include screen dumps of items to be discussed in a face-to-face presentation at a library conference. My university told me that this would constitute a public performance and that screen dumps would not be fair use.

    I wanted to do a screen dump of a posting from School Library Journal

    A screen dump of a headline from a blog

    A result list from a Google Books Search, etc.

    The screen dumps were because there was no reliable wireless connection at the conference.

    Are these kind of screen shots in a PowerPoint beyond the use of Fair Use?
  • I find it hard to understand why they would call it a public performance if it's a library conference. Conferences are usually not open to the public, and I tend to interpret them as educational, almost an alternative classroom (because you are teaching your colleagues). What you are talking about is a single use for an educational event, and I see this sort of thing all the time at conferences in a variety of fields.

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