Filing a Sound Recording claim, need a hand with the Limitations part

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  • I contacted about this - they said they couldnt help via email because my questions were too complicated, and their phone line is impossible to get through on, so if anyone can help with this I would appreciate it greatly

    I am registering a new Sound Recording claim using eCO. I am stuck on the "limitation of claim" page. I can't seem to find my answer online in any help guide or other literature.

    Two issues -
    a. There is one instance of a soundbyte used in a song, which is pre-1975 and domain free.
    b. Four of the songs in the claim were previously registered in a 2008 claim. They are currently in different form in every way except music and lyrics.

    My problem lies in knowing exactly how I am supposed to fill the Limitation Of Claim section out bearing the above things in mind.

    Material Excluded: should I check sound recording, then account for both a and b as I explained above? If so, I will use the Other: box to detail further.

    Beyond that I am not sure what to do. For my songs that were already registered, I entered the registration number and year in the Previous Registration box. Do I have to do this for the pre-1975 soundbyte I used as well?

    New Material Included: Some songs were never registered before, so for this reason I assume I would check all 5 boxes, and enter further explanation in the Other box?

    Thanks very much for your assistance in this matter.
  • To ensure protection of your original work, it sounds like you would be best off to hire an intellectual property attorney to assist in completion of the registration forms.

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