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  • Hi All,

    I developed a method working with disable children using photography and published the article in a journal. Then I wanted to write a book about that and hired a professional writer for help. The writer organized the research of my method in special ed schools out of my awareness DURING our collaboration of working on my book. She had access to all my private materials(notes) which I provided for book writing.
    Did she have a right for that research?
    Is permission needed to provide a research on somebody's method

    Thanks a lot
  • I think that this might be less of a copyright question and more of a question of the contract between you and the professional writer.

    The contract issue aside, if someone uses your research in a publication, it would depend on the person's use of your materials (purpose of the use, nature of the use, amount used, effect on the market) as to whether that person's use was infringement or permissible section 107 fair use (or permissible under one of the other exceptions to section 106 exclusive rights).

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