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  • I am currently writing a book (a training guide) that I plan on publishing and selling in the next few months. In very few, rare instances in my book (a total of 10 instances) I mention the title and and respective authors of other books that that my readers can use as reference for further reading and understanding of the concepts being presented in my book. It is important to note that I am not using any quotations from the book - just the tile and author.

    My question is: Do I need to seek permission from the author to mention his/her book in my book?

    I my understanding of copyright law, I believe I do not need to seek permission to mention a book title and its author only. However, I would like to be sure.

    It is important to note that I also include a disclaimer in my book that states that the publishers/owners of the literary titles mentioned are not affiliated with me nor I with them. It further states that I and the books/authors are independent entities that don't have the authority to make any commitments or representations each other's behalf.

    Thanks in advance for your insights!
  • No -- items mentioned in a bibliography or list of works cited do not need permission. You're just mentioning them, not copying anything from them. It's a similar situation to links -- posting a link does not involve copying anything from it.
  • Outstanding! It is what I figured, but it is always great to get independent verification. Thank you so much for the response - I greatly appreciate it.
  • If you don't need permission, should you credit them or state where the source came from?
  • Absolutely. It is always good practice, both ethically and to protect yourself from charges of plagiarism, to properly attribute any material you quote.

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