Copyright question on producing edcuational material

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  • Hi,
    Suppose I find an image in a book or on a stock photo site like bigstockphoto etc of an object. Can I write step by step instructions on how someone can produce the same exact image using the software photoshop.

    Take a look here.
    This is an image I found on the web or in a book.

    I do not plan to sell this created image or have any other commercial intent. All I doing is writing a tutorial to teach people how to draw image of a ice cream cone using the software photoshop.

    Is there any copyright violation in producing such images which I do not even sell.

    Let me know.

  • But my fear is that stock photo sites may tell me that I am making an exact copy of one of their image. May be I should contact a Lawyer.
  • It kind of depends what you are doing with your tutorial -- using it in the classroom or posting it online? Also I might suggest you use your own original work to show how it's done. That way you would avoid the question entirely. Or look for permission-free public domain images, or re-mixable images from Creative Commons that support this kind of creative re-use. But if you need to use stock photography, there ought to be someone listed you can contact for permission or fees required to use the item.

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