Using a "public domain" soundclip sample on my CD - Should I credit?

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  • The soundclip in question is from a radio broadcast of "The Life Of Riley" from September 20, 1947. The name of the episode is "Junior Runs Away." The clip I use is about 30 seconds or so long. I obtained this clip about 6 months ago from where it was marked as public domain.

    Do I legally need to credit this sample inside the liner notes of my CD? I did exclude this soundclip from copyright when I filed the copyright for my CD online via the LOC eCO system.

    Also, I have noticed that this episode is no longer listed in the archives of Should I be concerned that it might not be public domain? That is, is there any easy and inexpensive way to find out? I have searched the LOC website's search engine, and did not find the episode in question. Also, it is worth noting that there was apparently a later TV show of the same name.

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