recording audio for client ... copyright question.

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  • I can't seem to find any info with regards to this "gray area" of copyright.

    I'm an audio engineer and have a client requesting me to record them reading a book for his children to listen to when he's away.

    The client owns the book and I'd be charging him for my services, placing his voice on CD

    are there copyright issues with regards to this?

    and are the rules the same for Canada and the US?

    any info/advice would be appreciated.
  • It sounds like this is for an entirely private use. You're only charging him for recording him, nothing to do with the material he actually records. The recording won't be used outside his own family. I'm not familiar enough with the Canadian rules, but I think there's no reason why this wouldn't be a legal fair use in the US. While it may be a performance of the whole work in question, it is for a private non-profit use and it's transformative.
  • Thanks!

    That's where my minds was going with this.

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