SAT and ACT math questions

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  • Both the College Board (maker of the SAT) and the ACT release 3 tests annually (out of the 7 of each that are administered every year) to students who have taken the test and pay $18 to get a clean copy of the test booklet for the month they took the test.

    As a math tutor to quite a large number of students, I have compiled those tests (which I use for tutoring purposes), which I then give to my students as practice. That is standard operating procedure of tutors/tutoring companies that I am aware of (other than the very large Stanley Kaplan/Princeton Review-types). What is not so typical is that I tutor for free. I volunteer my services to inner city schools and neighborhoods so that they can get at least some of the advantages of a more affluent community.

    I would like to reach more students (for free) and would love to post the actual SAT and ACT questions on line together with my discussion as to how to best solve the problems. I would post them on my blog--no links to any pay-for-service, no advertising. I don't do this for money, simply to try to reach as many students as possible.

    I assume that SAT and ACT are copyrighted somehow (?). If so, am I violating that copyright by my proposal?

    Thanks so much.

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