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  • hello,

    I intend to conduct some queries or experiments on corporate and user support web sites. May use the data later in a research paper. My question is, do I need to get permission form the organizations to do these experiments? I may use some page titles and similar snippets of content from the web site.

    Any suggestions will be helpful

    thanks all!
  • Are you with a university? This is the sort of question your instituional review board (IRB) can answer. It usually depends on a variety of factors, such as potential harm to or exposure for the people experimented upon or interviewed.
  • Thanks Janet,

    No, I am not with any university. Also, there won't be any people involved in the interaction with the web site. say, I will be running a bunch of queries or look for specific information. Can anyone suggest who is usually the right contact at any organizations to direct this question or take a permission?

    thanks much

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