citing outcome from a research article?

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  • I am writing a textbook and would like to include outcomes from various research journals. For example, along the lines of "Researchers at X university reported a study in which 25 out of 100 participants who took drug A got a rash," or "A study in the Journal of X reported on a education study: 100 students were randomized into groups B and C. The outcome was D."

    Do I need to obtain permission from the journals to cite these outcomes?

    Similarly, if I have "According to a 2008 Gallup Poll, 30% of responders say "Yes" to the question asking ...."

    Is this fair use?

    Thank you.
  • As long as the material you quote is of a reasonable length and you cite your source and give credit to the author, that is a fair use. If your quote becomes rather long,you may need permission. Different publishers vary as to how risk-averse they are; some may want you to request permission for a relatively short quote, and some won't care.

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