Prints of musicians?

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  • I was wondering how to deal with selling prints of musicians...

    If both the venue and promoter of an event hire me exclusively to take photos of the event/musicians and allow me to sell prints online, what rights do the musicians have?

    A majority I have spoken to don't really care, but one or two have asked me to take pics down of their artist since it is use of the "artists' likeness".

    Since usually the way a person looks can't be trademarked (unless they are insanely famous :), is that really a case?

    Looking around, it seems most laws favor the photographer if the photos are sold as art (specifically printed on photo paper to be framed and hung on a wall), which is the current case; unlike if they were editorial/commercial (i.e. merchandise, in a magazine, etc..)
  • If they allow you to use it you are not liable of anything . ( but if you are making money , you better tell them that you are going to use them for making money ) Otherwise promoting your shop using there photo is OK .
  • The artist should have had an agreement with the venue about this in advance. Talk to the people at the venue and see what their arrangement was with the artist. It may be that their standard artist's contract allows their hired photographer to post pictures. The venue should be alerting you if any of the artists refuse to sign a clause that affects you.

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