Required education to work in copyright office?

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  • Does anyone know how much prior specialized expertise and knowledge about "copyright law, regulations, policies and practices" within the Library of Congress that one would need in order to work there? While I have post-graduate degrees in English lit., I don't have much experience with copyright law. Do you think this would disqualify me from this job as, among other things, a conduit between the public and the L. of C.'s copyright office in explaining it's role and purpose? If such a job does require more specialized credentials, how does one go about getting those? Any recommendations?
  • I don't know specifically what they require, but look on our wiki page for some links to educational resources. There are a number of copyright courses online you can take. There is at least one full course I know of that will get you a certification of some sort. It will probably depend on the job whether they require a law degree or if specialist education in copyright is sufficient.
  • Dear "JanetCroft": Thanks so much for your reply. I'll look into that.


  • You might also look at the Copyright Office's own jobs page at
    Like other government agencies, the Copyright Office must be very specific about job requirements and cannot deviate very much from those requirements in their hiring. The only position listed right now requires a law degree.
  • Dear ksmith,

    Thanks for that. It sounds much more technical than would interest me. It reminds me - again - of how much I long for the days of pens and books!


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