Cooperate stealing ideas from thier Employees. - Can anything be done?

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  • I'm wondering if I can actually pursue an issue I'm having with my employer.

    In short, heres a basic timeline of what happened.

    June - Myself, and three other employees created a well designed Facebook page and layout to help boost sales, and to use for our local store, and potentially push to cooperate and other stores. Rather detailed, how to post every type of post, etc. We put /alot/ of effort into this.

    October - Finally got a chance to have our Store Manager show our Distract Manager the Facebook Design, which was set to private, and not public because we weren't allowed to take this public until with out permission from cooperate. - He /loved/ it, and wanted to take it to cooperate, he sent it to the legal department so we could get permission to make this go live, and get proper recognition for it.

    November - Two weeks later, after it was sent to cooperate, Cooperate Savers relaunched their facebook page. It looked the /exact/ same as the one that we wanted to post. We recieved no feedback about ours, no permission to launch ours. Nothing.

    Can we do anything against this? I know Facebook is a vauge topic, we have proof of our idea existed prior to thier relaunch.

    Thank you for your time.
  • This is really a legal question pertaining to works for hire. You would need to consult internal policy and contracts for ownership of works created for your job

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