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  • Good morning all. I have a question about the purchase of an eDoc from Amazon. If we purchase this type of material, can we load the PDF onto one of our servers and post a link to it in our catalog to provide access to our users with a requirement that they login to be authenticated? If we cannot provide access that way, are we allowed to print the PDF and fix it in a tangible format for checking in and out? Thanks!

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  • I believe the answer would depend on any license terms you agree to when you purchase the eDoc. If the license prohibits reproduction (printing), distribution, or posting on a network or e-reserves, you might not be able to use it as you had planned.

    On the other hand, you have not agreed to license terms prohibiting these activities, you should be able to include the PDF purchased by the library in your print reserves or e-reserves under fair use.

    I tried going on Amazon to find a copy of their eDoc license but was unsuccessful. Perhaps one of my colleagues has better hands-on knowledge of Amazon eDocs.

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