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  • Hello,

    First off, I am glad to have found this forum, some great info here.

    I hope there is someone that can help with my quest.

    There are many albums that ether never made it to CD or have in limited release that I would like to reissue (in limited release <2500 copies) myself.

    The majority of these recordings were originally released under the Decca and Coral labels from the mid 60's to the mid 70's, and are now part of a small outfit called MCA:)

    My question is:

    Who would I contact at MCA to get the rights (I believe it would be Master Use?) to reissues the albums and where would I get this info? Has anyone on this board done this before? How much would this cost? What am I in for?

    I have wanted to do this for decades now but have been unable to get traction in getting started. Not looking to be the next "Rhino" or get rich, just want to preserve and make these recordings available.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice.

  • Your first step is to do some research to find out who currently owns the recordings you wish to reissue. A quick look via Google suggests that Geffen bought out MCA and that Universal Music Enterprises might now be handling MCA and Geffen recordings (not sure about the accuracy of this information). Once you find who currently owns the rights to the recordings you wish to reissue, you would need to contact them to ask for permission to reproduce and distribute. It is the owner's right to grant or deny permission and also to set the cost if they do grant permission.

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