Circulating Blu Ray and Regular DVD sets separately

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  • A fellow librarian commented about circulating the Blu Ray and the regular version of a movie purchased as a set as separate items. I told them that this would probably not be allowed under first sale doctrine. Splitting up a TV season - that is a different issue in my opinion.

    However, circulating a "regular" DVD and the "Blu-Ray" as separate movies seems to violate that. Any insight from others?

    I did search the archives but could not find anything about this particular issue.
  • I don't think this is really a copyright issue, simply a local policy issue. Consider a book with an accompanying CD -- on our campus, some branches keep them together and circulate them as a unit, while others split them up with one barcode for each part (drives central cataloging nuts, of course, but they each have local needs and preferences). Multi-volume books are almost always circulated as separate volumes. Under first sale, a library ought to be able to process and circulate a multi-part item any way it pleases -- even to de-binding a book and circulating a page at a time!

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