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  • Hello,

    I have an ILL photocopy request for three reports published by the National Research Council of Canada (in 1986). I know that if something is published by the US Government, in most cases, the technical report is free of copyright and can be freely reproduced without permissions. I'm not so sure about Canadian government publications.

    I found this information on the NRC website:

    It's the closest thing I can find about copyright and Canadian government publications. But I'm not sure if the copyright notice is talking about all NRC publications or just about the information published on the NRC website.

    If someone is knowledgeable about Canadian copyright, I would appreciate knowing if I can photocopy these reports for the library. Or I would also appreciate it if someone can send me a link to information regarding National Research Council reports and their copyright restrictions.


    Liz Davis, ILL Librarian
  • When working in the US, we apply US Copyright law in our activities. As you noted in your post, US Copyright law (Title 17, Section 105) only provides for the public domain status of US federal works (and there are caveats as to what constitutes a US federal work that we don't need to go into here!). We generally treat federal documents from other countries no differently than any other type of textual work.

    As a matter of interest, Canadian federal documents generally fall under "Crown Copyright", defined as follows:

    "These government publications are created for (or published by) the Crown. Copyright in these works lasts for the remainder of the calendar year in which the work was first published, and for 50 years after that. Copyright is perpetual until the work is published."

    Source: Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

    Additional info on Canadian copyright is available from Library and Archives Canada at
  • Thank you for your response - I sincerely appreciate it!

    Liz Davis, ILL Librarian

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