Should my son publish original work on

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  • My high school aged son is enjoying publishing his poems on He appreciates the feedback and enthusiastic responses he has received. However, he is concerned about the future ramifications of agreeing to the following:

    All materials submitted become the property of Teen Ink. By submitting your
    work to us, you are giving Teen Ink and its partners, affiliates and
    licensees the non-exclusive right to publish your work in any format,
    including all print, electronic and online media. Teen Ink may edit or
    abridge your work at its sole discretion. Teen Ink is copyrighted by the
    Young Authors Foundation, Inc. However, all individual contributors to Teen
    Ink retain the right to submit their work for non-exclusive publication
    elsewhere, and you have our permission to do so.

    Imagining that my son may want to publish (some form) of his poems in the future, would you advise him to continue submitting work under this agreement?
  • It's not the best contract in the world, but it does give him the right to submit his work elsewhere. If it were me, I'd prefer to own my own copyright, but this isn't as bad as it could be, since he still has that right.
  • One thing that your son might want to consider if he thinks he might want to publish these items formally in the future, is that many publishers won't publish items previously published elsewhere, even though this contract appears to allow it.
  • Thanks Janet and Fraya.

    My son has decided not to upload his best pieces to and instead uses this site for feedback on draft-ideas and to make contact with other young writers. I appreciate the cautionary advice you offered. If anyone has more to add, thanks in advance.
  • Glad we could help! That sounds like a good decision.

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