schoolwide license to allow us to post music mash-ups on website

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  • Hi and thanks in advance for answers...

    My private school often does mash-ups of popular music, e.g. having kids make music videos in dance class, the teachers lip-syncing along to a song for an assembly. We have kids and faculty who do covers of pop songs at school events, as well. I understand this is covered by Fair Use as long as it's within the school, but we do want to be able to post these kinds of things on our website as well. Does ASCAP - or another entity? - offer a blanket licensing option for a school to be able to use material in this way, or is it a song-by-song and case-by-case basis?

  • These type of agencies offer performance rights, not distribution or recording. It's possible that these posting might also fall under fair use. Is it a transformative use? Is it a parody? Do you need to post the entire song or would a clip work just as well? I think the most you are at risk for here is a C&D letter.

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