Using copywritten material in a web commerce demo

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  • I just created a website demo using copywritten images from different companys such as Acer, Asus, Microsoft, ect. This website demo is going to be on an actual website to show them what they would get if they purchased a commerce website from me.

    I have a feeling that this isn't legal.

    So I'm not making money off the acutal demo but I sorta am because I'm using the demo with said copyrighted images on it to intice people to buy from me.


    There anyway I could get permission from Microsoft, Acer, ect to use some simple desktop/laptop images?
  • I'm not really clear on what you are doing here. Are you using their logos? If so, that falls under trademark law and it could be a problem. Are you using computer images? Couldn't you find free ones to use instead if it's just photos of computers or keyboards?
    Yes, you can always ask permission.

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