"Non-dramatic" works and TEACH

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  • Can anyone give me examples of what is meant by "non-dramatic" works in TEACH? Any examples of what is meant by "dramatic"?

  • According to the University of Texas, http://www.utsystem.edu/ogc/intellectualproperty/teachact.htm , "Non-dramatic literary works as defined in the Act exclude audiovisual works; thus, examples of permitted performances in this category in which entire works may be displayed and performed might include a poetry or short story reading. Non-dramatic musical works would include all music other than opera, music videos (because they are audiovisual), and musicals."

    I would define a dramatic work as any work in which the story is portrayed by actors. Plays, movies, television dramas and sit-coms, opera. Someone reading "The Tell-Tale Heart" would be a non-dramatic work. However, I've seen an actor pretending to be Poe read "The Tell-Tale Heart." I would consider that dramatic. And certainly, an actor pretending to be the narrator in "The Tell-Tale Heart" and reciting rather than reading the lines would be dramatic.

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